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Large Tree Planting

Large Tree Planting

Large White Pine with additional surrounding plantings

Large Tree Planting

Transporting the tree to it’s appointed location

Large Tree Planting

Tree in position and staked, planting bed readied for shrubs and perennials

Large size trees create an instant screen and established feel to landscapes. Selection of trees depends on the desired effects and purpose the tree will satisfy within the landscape. On Earth Plant Care Specialists will help you to determine which tree species both perform well in your local area and is suited to your desired planting site. We do close analysis of the specific site to determine the susceptibility or resistance to various environmental conditions.

When done right, large trees transplant well with proper care. Protecting your trees from insect problems and disease is an important part of protecting their health.

Our Certified Arborists can also be very helpful in assessing any hazardous situations with existing trees in your landscape. Proactive cabling and bracing of potentially hazardous plants can save you money in the future.

Read our Blog, “Select the Right Tree for Each Location” for more information on this subject.

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