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Long Island University Brooklyn – Architectural Landscape

LIU Brooklyn Campus

Sunny sitting areas are surrounded by native plant choices

LIU Brooklyn Campus

Geometrical shapes were part of the existing architectural design

LIU Brooklyn Campus

Annuals and native shrubs planted in the shape of the LIU logo

LIU Brooklyn Campus

This is the starting point for greening the area

LIU Brooklyn Campus

Here are the blueberries ready to be picked

Can you imagine an edible landscape with berry bushes and fruit trees at a college campus? In this project, Long Island University at Brooklyn was looking to create a more naturalized landscape in its urban confines.

We used native plants and grasses to implement softer and more inviting textures. All plants were chosen for their hardiness in our climate and adaptability. Colors are from annuals and select perennials which bloom by the hundreds.

Wide brick and colored walkways are framed with more than 1,000 native plants with 12 fruit trees, numerous evergreens, fountains, relaxing sitting areas, etc. creating an urban paradise.

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