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Perennials And Walkways – Cortlandt, NY

Perennials And Walkways

The naturalized garden gives the impression that “it just grew this way”

Perennials and Walkways

The bare hillside prepared for plantings

Perennials and Walkways

The same hillside with stone pathways and steps, perennials galore

Perennials and Walkways

The walk through perennials and native plants to lakeside

Here a summer estate is transformed into a relaxing oasis by the lake in Cortlandt, NY. The owner wanted a naturalized, established appearance vs. a traditional landscaping approach. We added natural rock and stone pathways, patios, and woodchip mulching and surrounded the space with native perennial plant choices.

Large planters, with the same natural theme, are situated by the whirlpool area together with berry bushes and strawberry patches. The backyard patio connects to woodchip pathways placed among flowering shrubs and colorful perennial woodland beds. Natural monolithic steps and a natural stone pathway are combined with an abundance of perennials. All these touches give the impression that the area has grown this way by itself.

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